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How Does It Work

How does Digital Imaging work?

At the center of Civil Twilight's imaging solution is Adobe's PDF electronic file format. PDF is the most accepted and established file format in the world, accessible by virtually every computer that exists today. Because of its security and reliability, PDF is the established format for case filing in the federal U.S. court system. The use of the PDF format means that your business can transport, distribute or provide copies of documents electronically to almost anyone who needs them.

The primary difference between the imaging system offered by Civil Twilight and other imaging solutions is that these PDF images are labeled and searchable, using a "spider" type search of the type commonly used on the internet today. Images can be moved, transferred or sent to others and can still be accessed by searching for their label. There is no need to establish a cumbersome series of directories in which to store individual images, or to build a costly database with which to track the whereabouts of the imaged files.

Having files available at a user's fingertips has the potential to change the way people work in the future – preparing them to do so is part of what Civil Twilight does in this phase of its implementation process.