Leading the way to a new day of documentation

Civil Twilight’s mission is to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of paper and electronic documentation throughout the document lifecycle.

Meeting the needs of a wide array of industries, Civil Twilight focuses on identifying the most cost-effective way for businesses to manage paper and begin reaping the long-awaited benefits of "paperless documentation."

Civil Twilight Services

Civil Twilight strives to find the right solution for each of its clients, suited to their particular needs and objectives. Working with your existing hardware and software, we seek to create greater efficiency, eliminate errors and reduce cost throughout the document lifecycle. Our staff will meet with your employees to analyze the existing process of making, signing and storing documents. Our services also include facilitating the efficient assembly and management of loan documents using our proprietary Lien Manufacturing™ process.

Through that analysis, we identify opportunities for process improvement using document automation, digital signatures, and digital imaging. Rather than simply concentrating on one of these areas at a time, our goal is to link each of them for your business, so that an improvement in one step facilitates an improvement, throughout the entire document lifecycle.

We provide your business with the opportunity to explore all or only a few of the foregoing phases of analysis – but combining them will always yield the highest rewards from a productivity standpoint. The expenses associated with paper documentation are real and pernicious – they continue to grow at the edges of each your employees' desks daily. Let us help you control them.