• Automated Document Assembly


Why use Document Automation?
  • Reduce the time needed to create a document – data can be entered once and appear in multiple places in multiple documents.
  • Increase accuracy/mistake proof – less data entry means fewer typos, calculations are performed automatically, not manually, interview process can prompt for errors.
  • End the “knowledge monopoly” over document structure and content – smarter documents can be used by more people with less training freeing highly trained staff to create more value for your business.

Document automation is essential for improving efficiency across the document lifecycle. Document automation allows us to build in features that can facilitate efficiencies subsequently in the process. One example of this is inserting the appropriate digital signature blocks directly into the document, so that the assembled document can be emailed immediately for signature by the appropriate parties. Another is to incorporate barcodes containing data entered in the interview process directly into the header or footer of a document. This bar-coding can be used later to scan and index the document, without user intervention, with an exceptional accuracy rate using digital imaging software available through Civil Twilight. These features are just two examples of the way that document automation can eliminate time, effort and errors during the electronic signing and digital imaging processes.