• Imaging Retrieval


Why use Digital Imaging?

Businesses spend billions of dollars each year managing their paper documents. Digital Imaging gives you the ability to manage your paper without the hassle of filing cabinets or storage costs. Improve your level of customer service. In today’s fast paced business world, your customers expect immediate access to information. Digital Imaging allows you to instantly access all of your documentation from any computer — even if you are out of the office.

Increase your employee productivity. No more wasting time searching through file cabinets or misfiling documents. With Digital Imaging your time is spent getting important things done instead of searching for missing files.

A business that stores and retrieves files routinely can save significant time and money through document imaging. The cost of maintaining a single file cabinet can exceed $6,000 per year. The same file cabinet could be imaged – permanently - for approximately a quarter of that amount. There are many advantages to imaging, including: 1) instant and simultaneous access by individuals throughout the organization, 2) no more hunting the floors of people's offices for missing files, 3) vastly improved disaster recovery, 4) improved access for both customer service and compliance purposes, and 5) tighter control over document retention and destruction. All of these improvements can cut deeply into the significant overhead associated with paper files, which is real but often difficult to perceive.